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vikram thakor upcoming movie kutumb 2019

vikram thakor upcoming movie kutumb 2019

Vikram Thakor is a resident of Fatehpura near Gandhinagar. From the age of ten, he was going to play flute on stage with his father Malaje Thakor

His father was a singer and a vocalist. At the age of twenty, he started offering solo programs from theater

Initially, he did not want to come to the film industry, but once in 2006, after receiving the request from the director, he came to meet Piyun who succeeded

Since then, he has acted in many Gujarati films, which are mostly made keeping in mind the rural audience. He has given eight consecutive successful films.

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Films earned a total of Rs. 3 crores and they have been labeled as the 'super star' of the Gujarati film industry by various media

Radha is not liked by Tara in some of her successful films (2007), Waghi Kaal katari Tara Premi (2010), Lover Zukya is not there (2011) and  (2014)

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