Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Kajal mehariya and tejal thajor enjoy in dubai 2019

Kajal mehariya and tejal thajor enjoy in dubai 2019

Folklore is an important part of literature. The songs that have been published in karnkapura are popular among people. 

Most of the time, events that have been influenced or memorable of Loksamas have been taken in these songs at different times. There are references to the compositions of some of the folk songs, but most of the folk folk creators are either anonymous or periodically in which many people are involved in it.

Folklore is a type of popular science. It is from the origin of human life to the lasting ceremony. It is a song from birth to marriage and death. There are many interests in every song in the song, hobbles, crocodile, vows, Navratri, weddings

Some of the songs can be famous for all the language people, even for some small regions.

Charotar folklore has been titled in the title 'Charotra'. The region suggests that the region between Mahakandha and Vatarka is said to be Charotar. Since the region is fertile and beautiful, it has been called as Churutra. Petlad Prabhata Chaturutra Shatam is a Sanskrit word known as Charotar in 104 villages of Pattalda

The poet Nahanal has called Gujarat in Punjab. The main five rivers of the month, Sihali, Saui, Vatrak, Mashwo Chadav (Churu) level with a small churn of land is done by the water level. The title is the NorthPad ballads. The folklore is a folk literature of the public, not to the particular class, but to the old, to the child, to the old age.

Folklore comes with introduction of pony history, pompous beauty, ponytail region in its own right. That's the role of the same. Human civilization, its faith, its custom, reciprocity, its limitations, its secrets, its conflicts, and its solutions, therefore, revolve around the whole human life, thus it is the garment of the entire culture and the deposit of human life is that it is an eternal blessing.

There is also a lot of folk songs in Gujarati literature. There are many tattoo ballads in different regions of Gujarat. Which highlight some occasions or lifestyles.

All the world's languages ​​have its own ballads.

, wealthy, family life, marshia, royalty. There are many pricing, such as embellishments, heroes, tragedies, beatsal, dedication, Milan. (1) Variety of values ​​(2) Meaning and publicity (3) Simple, easy and fluid language (4) Openness (5) Reality and natural truth (6) Fertility (7) Transitional language of language (8) Liquidity (9) Memorandum. There are nine such features in the ballad.
In the last century, there has been a lot of change in villages and residences. Village self-sufficiency broke. The city's color is painted. Job-commerce started in the city, old songs have forgotten due to lack of access, although in those regions maintaining their known ballads. Today we talk about Charotar dialect ballads. Regional ballad is a song composed of social connections such as caste, caste, dialect, belief, customs and socialism.
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